Sports Law Biz Podcast 21: Lawyerball with Charles H. Martin

In this episode, Peter Ott discusses the MASN television rights fees lawsuit between the Orioles and the Nationals with Charles H. Martin. Charles is the author of Lawyerball: The Courtroom Battle of the Orioles Against the Nationals and MLB for the Future of Baseball.

Sports Law Biz blogger and podcaster Peter Ott interviews me for the latest episode of his podcast. We discuss the Orioles lawsuit against the Nationals and MLB to overturn the cable fees arbitration award for almost $300 million. We talk about the differences between NFL and MLB television audiences, and the implications of this lawsuit for possible future litigation by MLB owners, and for the MLB antitrust exemption.

An owners’ fight over an “inside baseball” arbitration splitting cable television profits spills into a New York City trial court. Lawyerball traces this dispute from the baseball antitrust exemption to the implications of the judge’s rulings for the baseball business, the game, its fans, and ordinary Americans.


Source: 21: Lawyerball with Charles H. Martin