Judge Awards Beastie Boys $668,000 in Legal Fees After Copyright Infringement Trial

  The Beastie Boys won $1.7 million in damages for a copyright violation by Monster Energy. My Newsletter 2 discusses this copyright infringement trial, and the related failed attempt to create a contract through an exchange of emails. See http://bit.ly/1i9kJZE Source: Judge Awards Beastie Boys $668,000 in Legal Fees After Trial

A Paris Triumph for Artistic Freedom – With Contract Law – Newsletter 6

I. Clifford Brown Joins the Lionel Hampton Band Before Hampton Orders a Recording Ban for his European Tour II. Quincy Jones and Clifford Brown Go “Underground” in Paris at Night III. Fame and Jazz Glory – Hampton Threatens to Fire Brown – The Contract Law Solution IV. Coda “You’ve got to keep it going.” – Dizzy Gillespie to Clifford Brown …